OpenSea Ventures

February 11, 2022

This post originally appeared on Twitter.

I’m very excited to officially announce OpenSea Ventures, our initiative to advance Web3 outside the bounds of the company: https://opensea.io/blog/announcements/openseas-ecosystem-investments/

Here's why investment in Web3 is important to us.

Ever since we started OpenSea four years ago, it was clear that our vision would not be company-centric, or even NFT-centric.

Public blockchains are universal APIs that cross borders between companies and have very few (if any) dependencies on them.

This is an incredible and novel concept, and one of the consequences is the most powerful ecosystem in human history. Today, at OpenSea, we’re very privileged to sit in the middle of it.

Many corporate venture arms “invest and forget”. A key goal of OpenSea Ventures is to provide value outside of just funding.

Benefits of working with us include...

Additionally, we’ll offer introductions to some of the most helpful investors and venture partners in the space, including

Additional partners who've been helpful not just to us but to many emergent NFT creators and developers: @kevinhartz, @1confirmation & @NTmoney, @JaredLeto, @standardcrypto, @alexisohanian, @ElectricCapital & @avichal (Appreciative of all your ongoing support!)

Read more about the benefits at https://opensea.io/opensea-ventures.

We look forward to hearing your ideas and helping out!

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